A Mother as Loving as You well on the way to success

There was a big crowd at the Leeton Library for the launch of Uncle Jimmy Ingram’s new book, A Mother as Loving as You. It was hard to tell how many exactly as the crowd overflowed down the aisles between book shelves.

 First print run sold out

The first print run has sold out. Many copies have been pre-sold for the new print run which will be ready next week. Many thanks to the Ingram family, the Mayor and the Library staff for their support.

Further events planned over coming months including NAIDOC and Mother’s Day and as part of an exhibition at Wagga City Art Gallery in July. The book, about Uncle Jimmy’s mother, is very much in line with this year’s NAIDOC theme.

The incredible thing about Uncle Jimmy’s productivity over the last year or so is that there are four more books by him, equally readable, all on different subjects, that are being prepared for publication.

Books will continue to be for sale at Leeton Library as well as online at burambabili.org

Crowd at Book launch


A Mother as Loving as You cover Wiradjuri Uncle Jimmy Ingram

A story about a strong Wiradjuri woman

Burambabili Gulbali is proud to announce that it is publishing a new book by Uncle Jimmy Ingram.

Uncle Jimmy Ingram, senior Wiradjuri Elder, grew up under the care and cultural guidance of his mother, who shaped his way of living and understanding of himself as a human being. He has written this book about her as a way of showing respect.

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