A Mother as Loving as You cover Wiradjuri Uncle Jimmy Ingram

A story about a strong Wiradjuri woman

Burambabili Gulbali is proud to announce that it is publishing a new book by Uncle Jimmy Ingram.

Uncle Jimmy Ingram, senior Wiradjuri Elder, grew up under the care and cultural guidance of his mother, who shaped his way of living and understanding of himself as a human being. He has written this book about her as a way of showing respect.

Cultural renewal through Elders’ Stories

Uncle Jimmy feels that cultural renewal can take place through the stories of the Elders, and the example of their Elders. A fragile bridge is formed between the world and life of culture and the challenges of modern ways of living.

Gerp boy in the house

About the project

This book is written in Aboriginal English “as she is spoke”. The illustrations by Bernard Sullivan help show the world that Uncle Jimmy’s words describe. Uncle Jimmy hopes that this book will provide an example for younger generations so that they may find strength, hope and identity in the inspiration of his mother’s tough, resilient and accomplished life.

This book was prepared as part of the Giilang biladha (river of stories) project with Buramababili Gulbali and Charles Sturt University.

Lily with Sheep

“…from the first day, I’ve had the understanding that your only true friend was your mother.
Your true back stop, your true – she was everything.
Your father shows you what to do, your mother shows you how to be.”

Uncle Jimmy Ingram


Available Now

$35 AUD +$7 postage

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