How we work

  • This animation describes how we working together with the Elders and our communities.
  • This has been developed over a number of years with Wiradjuri Elders. The principles may apply to culture centred Elder led projects in other contexts, however, culture is always specific, and the needs of a situation only emerge through processes of listening, discussion and shared understandings reached by developing strong relationships.
  • Everything revolves around the Senior Elders (Wiradjuri Muyulung) and cultural values such as Yindyamarra (mutual respect).
  • The service oriented nature of these values means that the Elders are thinking, planning and acting according to the responsibilities they have for their community.
  • According to this culture centred framework, Buramababili Gulbali’s members, and others who develop skills and aptitudes to work this way, both Wiradjuri and non Wiradjuri, are involved as “helpers to the Elders” (Maldhaany muyulung-dhuray).
  • Community minded Elders set the direction based on the needs of their communities. The helpers of the Elders support them implement this vision.
  • Some of the aspects of Yindyamarra are described in the film below: