About Burambabili Gulbali

 The phrase Burambabili Gulbali, is a Wiradjuri phrase that means “to share, to understand”. The purpose of the Burambabili Gulbali Incorporated association is to gather, create, and share First Peoples’ culture and language resources, such as books and videos, in a way that respectfully, equitably and sustainably supports First Peoples manage and maintain their own knowledges, identities, and ways of being and living.

 Culture centred collaborative creative practice

Our projects are generated from service orientated, culture centred ways of working, responding to the direction of senior Elders, identifying and acting from deep cultural values, such as Yindyamarra (respect) in the case the Wiradjuri, and according to the needs and aspirations of the community involved.

Our way of being and acting emerges from a cultural centre in order to better “walk the talk” so that our processes and thinking, practice and solutions, are based on a dynamic and responsive cultural match with the leadership and communities that we support.

Our projects are aligned with a concern for cultural and social revitalisation, as well as practical systems related to planning, collaboration, production, distribution, and sustainable ongoing management and growth. Projects may include:


  1. Community publishing.
  2. Documentary filmmaking.
  3. Language learning resources.
  4. Community workshops.
  5. Education and lived experience of cultural knowledge.
  6. Community managed databases/digital keeping places, websites and social media.
  7. Developing models of self determination, self governance and self sufficiency in managing and ongoing development of language and cultural knowledge resources.
  8. Academic publishing with respectful inclusion of the contributions of community researchers.


Patrons of the Association 

Uncle Jimmy Ingram

Aunty Flo Grant

Dr Uncle Stan Grant Sr. AM


Members of the Association

Uncle Ray Woods, Wiradjuri Elder, Wiradjuri Language teacher, cultural advisor and community liaison.

Aunty Cheryl Penrith, Wiradjuri Elder, cultural advisor and community liaison.

Donna Murray, Wiradjuri woman, CEO Indigenous Allied Health Australia

Deb Evans, Paakantji/Ngiyampaa woman, PhD candidate, Education, Charles Sturt University, cultural advisor and community liaison.

Dr Bernard Sullivan, Post Doctoral researcher, Charles Sturt University
Technical support, filmmaker, animator and graphic designer, previous projects include the film and book Yindyamarra Yambuwan with Wiradjuri Elders.


Partners and supporters

Charles Sturt University